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History of  Edgbaston Community Centre 

Special Recognition


We recognise the efforts of those who worked in separate organisations in the local area.  They paved the way for something new and although these organisations had different names and where run by different people what unites everyone is that desire to bring together communities and empower local people.  With this in mind there are many people who have done great things locally we could not list them all but recognise tremendous support of great people like Lester Burke MBE, Audrey Flash MBE, Viola Andrews (RIP), Rob Hooper, Angela Dyer, Councillor James Hutchinson, Councillor Deirdre Alden and John Greer (RIP).

With thanks

Rev Derrick Dunkley, Founder of Woodview Community Forum and 

Senior Pastor Livingwell Community Church 

Historical Factsheet Q&A


Q. When did Woodview Community Forum Commence?

Ans. Woodview Forum was incorporated on the 2nd December 2009.

Q. What was the background to it starting?

Ans. Senior Pastor Derrick Dunkley, Livingwell Community Church invited residents and local groups to attend a meeting to discuss community services in the local area.  The meeting was chaired by Livingwell Community Church, Pastor Derrick Dunkley.  The outcome of the meeting was the local residents supported an initiative for LCC to work towards maintaining community services in the local area. Following this endorsement Pastor Derrick Dunkley invited residents to sign up to be apart of the new group it formed Woodview Community Forum Ltd (WCF) .


Q. Who started Woodview Community Forum?

Ans. Livingwell Community Church funded the registration and setting up WCF including its initial meetings and its      incorporation as a legal Community Interest Company.

Q. What does Woodview Community Forum do?

Ans. Manage Edgbaston Community Centre in conjunction with stakeholders and the community.

Q. What is Woodview Community Forum?

Ans. Woodview Community Forum is a Community Interest Company incorporated by Livingwell Community Church.

Q. What is the legal makeup of the trustees

Ans. The trustees who make up Woodview Community Forum are Livingwell Church members and residents who represent the local area.


Historical Factsheet Dates Q&A  -  Edgbaston Community Centre Timeline


2008 – Transfer of group homes from Woodview Community Association to Future Health and Social Care.

2009 – Woodview Community Association ceases trading

2009 – Livingwell Community Church organises a community meeting and more than 100 residents attend.

2009 – Livingwell Community Church incorporates and registers Woodview Community Forum (WCF) Ltd

2010 – Woodview Community Forum partners Woodview Primary School and establishes a steering group.

2010 – Woodview Community Forum and Optima Housing produce a joint bid to obtain funds to evaluate the feasibility of developing a community project.  The funding application is successful and Black swan Consultants bid for the work and develop a report.

2011 – WCF and Optima invite Birmingham City Council to join the steering group to review the outcome of the plans.

2011 – A decision for two separate groups are agreed by WCF and Woodview Primary School

  • The existing community centre group was chaired by Councillor James Hutchinson, BCC.

  • The future community project was chaired by Angela Dyer, Optima Housing Association.

2012 – Birmingham City Council appoint a project manager and funds linked from the previous  regeneration of the local community is identified as a source of funding for the local project.

2013 – Community Consultation takes place presenting plans and designs for a proposed building.

2013 – The Community Centre closes as Woodview Primary School becomes Oasis Academy.

2013 – Birmingham City Council approve the release of regeneration funds for the project to commence.

2014 – Planning Permission is obtained while further consultation takes place.

2015 – Balfour Beatty commence work onsite.

2015 – Contracts are agreed and signed the building is handed over to WCF.

2015 – 18th October the building is opened to the public for the first time Livingwell Community Church are the first users.

2016 - Julia Wagstaff is appointed as a new Centre Manager 

2019 - Edgbaston Community Centre thrives with 60 organisations based in the new building.

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